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Secure, reliable and trackable communications for your hotel to be AB 685 compliant!

PerfectEngage™ provides hotel managers with complete control in one, single app for communications, scheduling, time-off requests, and wellness check-ins. It is the easiest and most reliable way for hotel managers to target specific employees or groups for immediate, secure messages without exchanging personal contact details.

  • Keep the team in touch, aligned, and prepared

  • Built into MyHotelTeam® - no new login

  • Dedicated, secure communication channels

  • Automatically tracks when associates read a message

  • Share critical news and updates with the team

  • Easy to get your team up-and-running immediately

Contact us today for peace of mind, knowing that your hotel is 100% compliant with AB 685!


"PerfectEngage™ has allowed us to take communications we previously sent through a newsletter, paper mail, or web calls and turn them into quick announcements via direct chat messages or a scrolling news feed. The new tool has been the perfect complement to the PerfectLabor™ service we already use and love."

Travis Murray
Vice President of Hotel Operations, McNeill Hotel Company