Which time clock is right for your hotel?

Not all time clocks are created equally Our complete guide will brief you on the different types of time clocks & help you choose the right one for your hotel.

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  • Types of Time Clocks
  • Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for a Time Clock
  • Time Clock Options We Offer
  • ...and more!

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About the Author

Since 2007, Hotel Effectiveness is the only company that provides a complete suite of labor management products designed exclusively for the hotel industry. Their innovative approach and easy-to-use tools have helped hundreds of hotels achieve immediate results and incredible returns. From economy hotels to large convention hotels, their solutions are a fit for all types of properties. Hotel Effectiveness is used across every major hotel brand.

About Hotel Effectiveness


From single properties to large management companies, Hotel Effectiveness is used in hundreds of hotels across every major hotel brand. Here are a few customers who have achieved immediate results and incredible returns:


Reduce your labor costs by 3-5% with Hotel Effectiveness


Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management system designed exclusively for hotels. All of the tools you need to manage labor costs are packaged in an easy-to-use, cloud-based system. A few key features include:

Training: Trains your managers on the principles of hotel labor management and ongoing best practices at the property level.

Labor Standards: Translates your budgets into labor standards that flex up and down with occupancy.

Software: Real-time labor monitoring and precision guided scheduling keeps every hotel in line with standards.

Accountability: Drives accountability throughout the company with actionable alerts and deep dive analysis to senior management.

Benchmarking: Identifies best practices across your portfolio and benchmarks your hotel against other hotels.

Time Clocks (optional): Multiple time clock options available to suit the varying needs of individual hotels.


Here's What Our Customers Say

Standardized our Labor Management

"Hotel Effectiveness has standardized our labor management, providing a blueprint for how to properly staff our hotels. Additionally, their robust catalog of alerts have provided insight as to how resources are being used at our properties, enabling us to make better staffing decisions."

Jansen Medeiros, Managing Director, Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts

A No-Brainer For Overworked Managers

"We needed a system that was a no-brainer for overworked hotel managers. Hotel Effectiveness is really easy for our managers to use and ensures that they pay appropriate attention to watching their payroll."
Steve Shealy, VP of Operations, Image Hotels

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